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Interlock 7000







The Dräger Interlock® 7000 is an alcohol ignition interlock device. After a breath alcohol measurement it prevents an drunk driver from starting the vehicle. The Interlock® 7000 is very quickly ready for use. Additionally, the device can be equipped with a camera and/or a GPRS module, according to the specific customer requirements.


The Interlock 7000 consists of two components: handset and control unit. In the handset the breath sample is analysed. The control unit releases or blocks the starter relay of the vehicle. Once the vehicle’s ignition is switched on, the Interlock 7000 requests a breath sample from the driver. If the device detects an alcohol value above the set limit value it reliably prevents the engine from being started. The device helps to systematically eliminate alcohol-related risks of accidents and to stop drunk driving.




Particular features of the Interlock 7000 are the extremely short warm-up and its quick readiness for use. At temperatures of more than 0 °C it is ready for use immediately. At temperatures below 0 °C the Interlock 7000 is still quickly ready for use. With an approved temperature range of - 45 °C to 85 °C is it ensured that the device works properly under all kinds of ambient conditions.


The design of the Interlock 7000 is appealing and ergonomic, with the mouthpiece on the back of the handset. It is thus not immediately recognisable as alcohol ignition interlock in the vehicle. The hygienic mouthpieces of the Interlock 7000 are completely biodegradable. The breath sample can be given in no time. The easy-to-understand menu navigation on the colour display makes the use of this device easy and intuitive. Additionally, coloured LEDs on the device support the process.


The data log of the Interlock 7000 saves all relevant events such as date, time, submission or refusal to submit a breath sample, measured alcohol concentration, engine starts and stops and also potential attempts to manipulate the device. The data is transferred from the control unit to the PC via an infrared interface or via Bluetooth. After downloading the data they are available for authorised persons. From creation to provision of the data special encryption methods guarantee data protection.


The Interlock 7000 specifically measures alcohol. The measuring result is reliable and precise. Also, attempts to bypass or manipulate the device are reliably identified and stored in the system. The device is able to identify whether the alcohol detected in the breath sample is actual breath alcohol or only mouth alcohol.


1. Switch on ignition 2. Request to provide a breath sample. 3. Measurement of breath alcohol concentration. 4. Breath sample accepted: Starter is released. 5. Start the engine.



Upon access to the certified Dräger service center of Saturn® Data International, the execution of the operations "Grading" and "Checking" of the instruments is carried out at government rates, after the operation "Check" the client is provided with a Certificate of verification of the working means of the state-of-the-art measuring equipment, as well as diagnostics with providing the necessary recommendations and servicing the devices within the package "Complex". If these operations are performed within the package "Complex" at least 1 time in 12 months post-warranty repair is carried out with special discounts.






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 Taking into consideration that the Ukrainian Supreme Council has adopted the Law "About Amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerned increased responsibility for driving the vehicles under the influence of alcohol", the presence of own breathalyzer in a car, similar to existing in service in Traffic police units, has become more relevant. About the size of liability has reported LIGABusinessInform news agency. Investing the sum equal to the sum of one penalty, you get a reliable mean to avoid troubles for many years.




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