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Dräger Alcotest 6820







Dräger Alotest®6820:

  • Conforms to the European standard EN 15964: 2011, which was adopted as a national standard by the order of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine No. 1494 of 30.12.2014;
  • Compliance with the Technical Regulation of Legally Regulated Measuring Instruments, approved by the CMU Decree No. 94 of 13.01.2016;
  • Compliance with the Technical Regulations on medical products, approved by the CMU Decree No. 753 of 02.10.2013;
  • long experience in police, narcology and enterprises in more than 100 countries;
  • High reliability and long service life (in practice, more than 5-10 years);
  • A large number of positive responses from users in Ukraine;
  • Ability to document the results of tests both immediately after the test, and in the memory of the device, as well as print out the results with the mobile printer Dräger Mobile Printer;
  • The professional patented Dräger 1/4 "sensor with optimized dynamic characteristics has high selectivity for alcohol and is characterized by an extremely quick reaction exclusively on alcohol vapor and the absence of reaction to other side gases;
  • Professional patented electrochemical Dräger sensor with the reaction exclusively on alcohol vapours, absence of reaction to other collateral gases;
  • Menu in Ukrainian language;
  • Discreteness of results 0,01 ‰;
  • Measurement range: the mass concentration of alcohol in exhaled air - from 0 to 2.5 mg/l (the ratio of ethanol mass in exhaled air to the volume of this air, brought to a temperature of 34 °C and a pressure of 1013 hPa); the mass concentration of alcohol in the blood - from 0 to 5 ‰ (the ratio of the mass of ethanol in the blood to the volume of blood at a temperature of 20 °C);
  • High measurement accuracy. Limits of the available error under operating conditions for the mass concentration of alcohol in the exhaled air: absolute error (Δ): ± 0,02 mg/l - in the range from 0 to 0,2 mg/l, relative error (δ): ± 10% in the range above 0.2 mg/l; for the mass concentration of alcohol in the blood: absolute error (Δ): ± 0,04‰ - In the range from 0 to 0,4 ‰; relative error (δ): ±10% - In the range above 0.4‰.
  • Control of attempts "to deceive" the device;
  • Sampling modes – automatic, passive, without mouthpiece (for operation with men incapable for cooperation);
  • Memory of at least 2000 latest results with indication of number, date and time of checking, temperature, etc.;
  • Real time counter: for test time and date fixing;
  • function of measuring the temperature of the internal circuits of the device;
  • Time required for switching to readiness mode: standard - not more than 2 sec;
  • Test results are displayed with lighting, together with sound and light signals;
  • Power supply: two "AA" 1.5 B batteries, which are enough for approximately 1500 tests;
  • Operating temperature: from -5° to +50° at relative humidity from 10 to 100% without formation of condensate, atmospheric pressure from 600 to 1300 hPa, temperature at storage from -20° to +70°;
  • Display: graphic LCD with backlighting, size 41x24 mm (128x64 pixels);
  • Portability (overall dimensions not more than 65 x 141 x 31 mm) and light weight;
  • Sampling conditions: minimum exhalation duration 2 s, minimum exhalation 1.2 l, exhaust air flow> 10 l/min;
  • Optical (Wireless) Data Interface on Dräger Mobile Printer;
  • Vibration and shock resistance, class IP54 (dust and spray protection);
  • Maintenance: at least once every 12 months Service maintenance and Calibration of the device. Maintenance of the devices is carried out by certified trained specialists, Dräger representatives or persons authorized by Dräger
  • Warranty period of 12 months (when purchased in certified sales places);
  • Extended (additional) warranty from the distributor for 18 months (only 30 months) - provided that the service maintenance and grading operations are performed once a month for 12 months, and the Verification operations are carried out at a certified service center.

Upon access to the certified Dräger service center of Saturn® Data International, the execution of the operations "Grading" and "Checking" of the instruments is carried out at government rates, after the operation "Check" the client is provided with a Certificate of verification of the working means of the state-of-the-art measuring equipment, as well as diagnostics with providing the necessary recommendations and servicing the devices within the package "Complex". If these operations are performed within the package "Complex" at least 1 time in 12 months post-warranty repair is carried out with special discounts.



Dräger lcotest 6820 has a whole set of necessary Ukrainian permissive documents for implementation as in professional practice and also by traffic police officers, as well as in narcology services, labour protection, security services of all industry branches and private persons.

Requirements for putting into operation:

  • The manufacturer or his authorized representative of the manufacturer must provide a copy of the first page of the Type Verification Certificate in accordance with Module UA.TR.001 101-17 Rev.0 of 05.10.2017.
  • The manufacturer or his authorized representative of the manufacturer must provide a copy of the Declaration of Conformity, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.
  • The manufacturer or his authorized representative of the manufacturer must provide a copy of the Declaration of conformity to the requirements of the Technical Regulation on medical products, prepared in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.
  • The mark of conformity to the technical regulations and the identification numbers of the designated conformity assessment bodies must be placed on labels, operating instructions, service and warranty books of gas analyzers.
  • The marking must be in accordance with the requirements specified in the Type Verification Certificate under Module UA.TR.001 101-17 Rev.0 of 05.10.2017.
  • The gas analyzer must be sealed in accordance with the Type Verification Certificate according to Module B UA.TR.001 101-17 Rev.0 dated 05.10.2017.
  • The software must meet the requirements specified in the Type-Certificate Verification by Module UA.TR.001 101-17 Rev.0 dated 05.10.2017.
  • Operation of gas analyzers must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's operating instructions.

Means of protection: a security element "SDI" (seal-label), which collapses when attempting to remove an element from the object of protection. Markings and inscriptions: The mark of conformity and additional metrological marking in accordance with the Technical Regulations should be placed on the service-guarantee books of gas analyzers, as well as in battery compartments. The Service Guaranty must also have a Type Verification Certificate number.



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NEW !!! 
WORLD LEADER OF SALES FOR MOTORISTS ! New model from Dräger Concern which is expected to be the most popular model among motorists, as it is specifically oriented for private persons.


Dräger Interlock XT  

WORLD LEADER OF SALES FOR PASSENGER AND FREIGHT TRANSPORT IN SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE ENTERPRISE, MUNICIPALITIES, INDIVIDUALS !!! This is breathalyser that blocks vehicle engine start if alcohol is detected in breath.


       Analyzer Dräger DrugTest 5000

The program ALCOMETER by Saturn ® Data International gives you an opportunity to make automated calculation of maximal theoretically possible concentration of ethanol in blood (per mille ‰) depending on the volume and strength of consumed drinks by Widmark formula


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