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Communication and telecommunication systems for industry Tesla - Industrial and special telephones

Tesla - Industrial and special telephones

Tesla - Industrial and special telephones

TESLA STROPKOV, a.s., joint-stock company, is a company with a long tradition of manufacturing telecommunication installations, metal and plastic components, products and tools. Founded on 9 of May, 1960 in the framework of the Czechoslovak concern Tesla. TESLA STROPKOV, joint-stock company, was established on 1st of January, 1991. It is located in the town of Stropkov in the north-east of Slovakia. The main production program since the establishment of the company is the production of telecommunications equipment. The total area of the company is 127 575 m2. Buildings of 30 552 m2. Production facilities 17 581 m2. Warehouses 7 155 m2.

Manufacturing program:

  • industrial and special telephones (explosion-proof, all-weather, field, ship, anti-vandal, electrician's, with induction call)
  • standard and non-standard telephones (with speakerphone, with optical call indication, with a display, with a tariff calculator)
  • digital telephones (EURO-ISDN)
  • intercoms (intercoms, electric doormen, electric locks, accessories)
  • sirens and bells (explosion-proof, all-weather)
  • piezoceramic products (converters, bells, membranes)
  • electrical installation products (sockets, switches, plugs, terminal boxes, tubes)
  • plastic products (covers and plugs for the food industry)
  • construction packaging and locks
  • components for the automotive industry (plastic and metal parts, cable packages)

TESLA STROPKOV is certified according to the norms of EN ISO 9001: 2008, ISO / TS 16949: 2009, EN ISO 14 001: 2004.

The TESLA STROPKOV equipment is intended for the organization of automatic telephone communication in premises and in industrial enterprises with heavy operating conditions and the possibility of explosive environments. Telephone sets are resistant to vibrations and shocks, severe climatic conditions, exposure to sea water and alkaline solutions. Tesla equipment is widely used in enterprises involved in the extraction, transportation and processing of oil and gas, in the coal, petrochemical, pulp and wood processing industries, as well as in conditions with high humidity, such as on ship decks, open spaces and tunnels.

Tesla products are:

  • operation in different weather conditions
  • easy connection
  • minimum requirements for the infrastructure of building a telecommunications system
  • resistance to negative external influences
  • high level of explosion protection
  • devices for specialized purposes (for people with hearing impairment, mobile phones)
  • availability of licensing documentation for the territory of the EU and the countries of the Customs Union
  • high quality of manufactured products




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