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1889-2014 - 125 years of Dräger history


Saturn® Data International Company is a partner and official distributor of world-known Dräger Concern in Ukraine .

In 2014 Dräger Concern noted 125 years of glorious history.


125 Years of Dräger – Celebrate With Us

A Groundbreaking Concept


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Brand-new products from Dräger Concern: Dräger Alcotest 3000 breathalyzer and Dräger Interlock XT alcohol blocker became available for motorists in Ukraine on the occasion of 60th anniversary since patenting the "breathing tube”



 Taking into consideration that the Ukrainian Supreme Council has adopted the Law "About Amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerned increased responsibility for driving the vehicles under the influence of alcohol", the presence of own breathalyzer in a car, similar to existing in service in Traffic police units, has become more relevant. About the size of liability has reported LIGABusinessInform news agency. Investing the sum equal to the sum of one penalty, you get a reliable mean to avoid troubles for many years.




 Dräger Аlcotest 3000

NEW !!! 
SALES HIT IN THE WORLD FOR MOTORISTS ! New model from Dräger Concern which is expected to be the most popular model among motorists, as it is specifically oriented for private persons.




Dräger Interlock XT  

BESTSELLER IN THE WORLD FOR PASSENGER AND FREIGHT TRANSPORT IN SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE ENTERPRISE, MUNICIPALITIES, INDIVIDUALS !!! This is breathalyser that blocks vehicle engine start if alcohol is detected in breath.


       Analyzer Dräger DrugTest 5000 


  About the Concern



  The program ALCOMETER by Saturn® Data International gives you an opportunity to make automated calculation of maximal theoretically possible concentration of ethanol in blood (per mille ‰) depending on the volume and strength of consumed drinks by Widmark formula


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